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Podcast recording / editing: $100/hr

Video / Audio pocast recording / editing: $125/hr

Recording on location, add $25/hr

Podcast audio hosting with stats available from $0-$30/ month

Friendly dogs

ALWAYS welcome

Professional Gear

If it doesn't sound great, they're not going to listen.


We offer a variety of microphones, (Rode Podmic, RE320, TLM 103, AT2020 and more), digital recorders, sound baffling, HD cameras... Even a digital editing suite and vocal isolation booth!

We have all the right gear to make your podcast pop!

Decades Of Experience

Owned and operated by John Mielke, The Milkman,  a broadcast veteran with decades of on air experience as well as teaching at the college level.

Mielke now runs a full time internet radio station, provides professional voice services and produces podcasts.


We have the know how!

Mobile Recording

You're busy.  We understand that!


Taking you out of your office costs your time and money!


That's why we can come to you to record; both audio and video!

And a professional audio / video engineer handles the recording process!